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We are on the verge of saving our planet.

Scientists, business people, and other experts have collaborated to create the world's first unique R&D company dedicated to saving our planet.


Our company, ICRD Unique Exploration Projects, stands out by developing innovative, commercially viable green technologies that address climate change. We pioneer solutions like energy-free water-from-air generation and direct air capture of CO2. Our approach turns ordinary waste into valuable products like diesel, making sustainability profitable. Constantly pushing the boundaries, we are currently advancing hydrogen generation and air cleaning technologies with no energy consumption.


At ICRD Unique Exploration Projects, our core strength lies in our exploration-driven approach. We continuously push the boundaries of innovation by investigating and developing groundbreaking green technologies. Our dedication to exploring uncharted territories in climate solutions has led us to create energy-free water-from-air systems, direct air capture of CO2, and waste-to-fuel technologies. This relentless pursuit of discovery ensures we stay at the forefront of sustainable advancements.


At ICRD Unique Exploration Projects, we are driven by ambitious and impactful projects that address climate change head-on. Each project, from CO2 capture to energy-free water generation, is meticulously planned and executed to achieve tangible results. Our team thrives on transforming innovative ideas into commercially viable solutions. This project-centric approach ensures our continuous contribution to a sustainable future.

  Management Team

A team of business, finance, law, and science professionals comes together to form our unique UnExPro administration.

  Researchers Team

Our research team comprises top-tier, open-minded professionals with outstanding career histories in their fields

  Advisers Team

Our advisory team consists of esteemed professors, successful business owners, and experienced governance experts. We are proud to collaborate with them on our mission to save the world.

  Development Team

Our development team includes experts from various fields such as metalwork, woodworking, IT, IoT, M2M, network administration, food and beverage, media, logistics, and business consulting. The diverse expertise within our team allows us to leverage industry best practices and knowledge to create exceptional products.